Sponsorship Program

Our sponsorship program connects Nepalese children with individuals around the world who believe in the value of an education. Through sponsorship, these children receive the gift of hope and are inspired to succeed knowing that others believe in them.

*Annual Sponsorships vary for each child depending on their grade level*


Jenisha Khatri - Class 4

Jenisha loves "clicking photos"and is constantly on the move!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237



Justina is quickly picking up English from her older siblings and possesses a quiet sense of humor.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


Sabina Budhathoki - Class 9

Sabina is adjusting well to her new school environment and practices her english everyday.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $345


Pragyan Budhathoki - Class 1

Pragyan is a joy to be around and studies hard. His english vocabulary is growing everyday!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


susan basnet - class 1

Susan is always eager to learn, very attentive, and his reading skills continue to improve every day.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


laxmi budhathoki - class 10

Laxmi understands the importance of a higher education and is motivated and determined to follow through with this.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $345


sanip phuyal - upper kindergarten

Sanip is always intrigued and interested to learn whatever subject is being taught. He is one hard worker!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $227


Dipesh Budhathoki - Class 1

Dipesh is a smart little guy who is quickly learning English and facts about the history of Nepal.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


Anil Basnet - Class 5

Anil is learning English quickly and loves to be with the guys.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $250



Bibek is an outstanding role model for the younger kids and loves to play anything sports related.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $345


Ramila budhathoki - class 3

Ramila is a quiet but quick learner in the classroom.  She is very cooperative and a pleasure to teach.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237

Suman Karki - Class 6

Suman is another one of our great dancers! He absolutely loves the sport and continues to excel in his studies.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $250


sunil basnet - class 4

Sunil is very respectful to his teachers and is learning quickly with the help of his big brother Anil.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


Bipana Khatri - Upper Kindergarten

Bipana is one very busy lady! She doesn't stop moving and has learned the thumbs up just as much as her ABC's!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $227


 samir lama - class 7

Samir does his best in the classroom and his reading skills have improved drastically over the past two years!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $260


Raj Khatri - Class 1

Raj has started to show more confidence in his reading capabilities and has a ton of new vocabulary to offer!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


Saroj Karki - CLASS 5

Saroj is a little sponge and quickly becoming top in his class.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $250



Rakesh is always very respectful to his elders and enjoys learning and practicing his new vocabulary.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $250


santosh karki - class 9

Santosh has an incredible amount of determination and is an excellent role model for the younger students.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $345

Rajan Shahi - Class 3

Rajan takes his studies seriously and continues to improve with his English everyday!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


sabin budhathoki - class 8

Sabin takes his studies seriously and is very well disciplined.  He enjoys playing basketball whenever he can!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $260


Sabin phuyal - Class 3

Sabin is one smart kiddo! He continues to improve with his english skills and is very interested in reading stories!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $237


Sujan basnet - class 6

Sujan is one of the best dancers the school has! Not only that, he wants to share his talent and teach others one day.

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $250


Dolma Tamang - Class 7

Dolma's sweet personality make her one of kind and she's already planning and preparing for her future!

Annual Sponsorship Needed - $260


*Sponsors are encouraged to share photos and write letters to connect with the children they support*

*Each sponsorship includes $65 which helps us to administer this program and ensure it remains sustainable *