About Our Founder

In 2010, Shannon left for a backpacking trip to Australia, expecting to be gone for about a year. Well, that year came and went, and she found herself extending the trip to visit Southeast Asia, where she met incredible people who showed her true hospitality and welcomed her into their lives with such grace. She learned to slow down, cherish the present moment, and discovered a newfound joy for this wonderful life that God has blessed us with.

A few years later, in 2014, the people of Nepal stole her heart...and for good reason. Their faith and outlook on life have inspired her to strive to be a better person and appreciate the little things in life more.

Why Not Now Missions was created because Shannon truly believes that everyone deserves to have equal access to opportunities and the freedom to be who God intended us all to be, regardless of where or into what circumstances we were born. Shannon knows that God's plan is always far better than we ever could have imagined and she's excited to see what He has in store.