A Season of Joy

 Hey everyone!

We hope you will enjoy reading about our latest news and updates....here is our first one for the year 2018!

February was a busier month than we were anticipating.....but God did a lot of amazing things and so we wanted to share them with you.

On February 3rd, an amazing parishioner of St.Robert's Parish invited the Congolese women to showcase and sell their handmade baskets after a Saturday evening church service. This was their first event and it was clear that they absolutely loved it!  Within 15 minutes, they sold 13 baskets and earned a combined total of $350.  Most importantly though, they left that church praising God, their hearts were full, and we know they were filled with a new hope and strength.

As of February 28th, the women have sold 60 baskets and have a total combined earnings of $1,506 which is more than we ever thought possible! We hope to be invited to more churches this year and also hope to be participating in a farmer's market this summer as well. 

On February 16th, we held our first event for the year.....a Pub Crawl for Nepal in good ole Cudahy, Wisconsin! The bars were great, the drinks were tasty, and we we were able to raise over $1,000 because of all of YOU, all of which will go towards the annual scholarship awards for the children of Nepal this March. Thank you to everyone who joined us and for you generous donors who were definitely there in spirit!

This month we were also blessed with the opportunity to release the book Miracle Moments in Travel. Written by 14 women from across the states, they all shared their experiences of how they experienced God through travel. Whether that be across the world in a developing country or on the roads here in America, each woman's story is unique. We are so grateful they were able to express and articulate their stories in such a wonderful way. Our hope is that this book will inspire people to travel, but more importantly bring them closer to God.

*All proceeds from this book benefit the children of Nepal.


We'll be visiting Nepal this month, so we'll keep ya posted on the adventures yet to come...

Best wishes,


Shannon Robak