March Madness in Nepal!

Traveling back to Nepal is always an awesome adventure and this time was no different when we journeyed back there this past March. Once again, time seemed to slow down and the present moment was where we always seemed to find ourselves.

A dear friend traveled with us on this journey and brought along some great energy and ideas that we were able to implement with the students in the classroom.  From positive affirmations, to mindfulness, to yoga poses, and a little piece of herself, the children did not want their new friend to leave!

While in the classroom, we also discussed with the children their educational aspirations for the years ahead.  We talked about the importance of a higher education and began to plant the seed of why graduating from high school and college is so important.  They understood the visuals we showed them about how education directly correlates with families being lifted out of poverty. In turn, they had some excellent questions and thoughts to contribute to the discussion.

Here is a little update on everything we were able to do on this past trip to Nepal because of all of YOU who continue to support the kids. As they get older, the children are starting to better understand the support that they receive and that people across the world believe in them and their education. So, thank you so much!

We were able to provide the children and families of Maitidevi Boarding High School the following:

  • 10 - children provided with scholarships for this past year.
  •  6 - children provided with books for this upcoming school year (beginning at the end of April)
  •  5 - children provided with uniforms for this upcoming year
  •  5 - children provided with backpacks for this upcoming year
  •  4 - families who received assistance to subsidize the costs of books and uniforms, medical bills, and daily living expenses.

Over the past four years, it's become very apparent that the children attending Maitidevi Boarding High School take a great sense of responsibility in wanting to improve their country's education system and make their nation a better place to live. In almost every discussion, and without any prompting, they always bring up their desire to make their country better in every way possible...especially for the poor and those who are discriminated against. At such a young age, their determination to make such a positive impact in the lives of others is unbelievable.

Each one of these kiddos is full of an incredible amount of potential and they are going to continue to do spectacular things, whether that be for their country or on a larger global scale....who can say. It's only a matter of time though and we're excited to see what's in store for them!

Currently we are working on putting together a more formal sponsorship program in order to keep the scholarship recipients inspired and motivated to succeed. In the future years to come, we will also be offering more organized trips to Nepal. In the meantime, we are always open to new ideas and would love to hear your feedback! 






Shannon Robak