Plastic Bags...They're pretty darn useful!

Who would have thought collecting plastic bags could be so much fun?! Our newest neighbors have saved over 5,000 bags so far from going into the landfill, AND have had a blast doing it!

We're very blessed to be working with many great people in the community who have opened their doors to us.  In the beginning of April, Cloud 9 Workshop welcomed us into their studio which gave local community members the chance to meet their refugee neighbors and learn more about the work they are doing. The women were awesome teachers and were happy to be using their skills to share with others!

At the end of April, the women were the featured artists at Four Corners of the World for the West Vliet Street Art Walk. They were kind of a big deal! They crocheted the day away and raised awareness about how they are doing their part to save the earth and using plastic bags to create something beautiful!

The women also made an appearance at a local Milwaukee school where they demonstrated to the kids the endless possibilities of making different items using plastic bags. We had a lovely interpreter, the kids asked some great questions, and the women were thrilled to be sharing their skills with kids who were eager to learn.

Currently the women have sold 90 baskets for a combined total of $2,078 with every single penny going to the them!

In other news, we had our first refugee planning committee meeting to prepare for Milwaukee's 2nd Annual Run for Refugees...we were doing so much planning, we almost walked out without paying our bill! Whoops!

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support our mission!

It's been a spectacular's to an even better summer!








Shannon Robak